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Tables of Contents

Below is the table of contents for the folk tales and -legends published by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Moe, beginning in 1841, with links to each text as I post it. I will be publishing the whole collection when it is ready.

Norwegian Folk Tales
Peter Christen Asbjørnsen & Jørgen Moe

Volume 1 (1852 edition)

  1. Askeladden Who Stole the Troll’s Silver Ducks
  2. The Gjertrud-bird
  3. Bird Dam
  4. The Princess No One Could Dumbfound
  5. Rich Per Merchant
  6. Askeladden Who Had an Eating Contest with a Troll
  7. The Boy Who Went to the North Wind and Demanded Back His Flour
  8. The Virgin Mary as Godmother
  9. The Three Princesses in Kvittenland
  10. Some Women Are Such
  11. Everyone Thinks the Best of Their Own Children
  12. A Suitor’s Story
  13. The Three Aunts
  14. The Widow’s Son
  15. The Man’s Daughter and the Woman’s Daughter
  16. The Cock and the Hen in the Nutwood
  17. The Bear and the Fox:
    • Why the Bear Is Stub-tailed
    • The Fox Cheats the Bear Out of His Christmas Fare
  18. Gudbrand on the Hill
  19. Kari Woodenskirt
  20. The Fox as Herder
  21. The Smith They Dared Not Let into Hell
  22. The Cock and the Hen
  23. The Cock, the Cuckoo, and the Blackcock
  24. Lillekort
  25. The Doll in the Grass
  26. Paul Nextdoor
  27. Soria Moria Palace
  28. Herre-Per
  29. Little Lucy Goosegirl
  30. The Boy and the Devil
  31. The Seven Foals
  32. Giske
  33. The Twelve Wild Ducks
  34. The Master Thief
  35. The Hen Trips in the Mountain
  36. The Giant Who Had Not His Heart on Him
  37. Grim Buckskin
  38. The One Whom All Women Love Suffers No Want
  39. Askeladden Who Made the Princess Accuse Him of Lying
  40. The Three Billy-goats Gruff
  41. East of the Sun and West of the Moon
  42. The Hen Who Went to Dovre Mountain so All the World Would Not End
  43. The Man Who Would Look After the Home
  44. Little Thumb
  45. Håken Borkenskjegg
  46. The Master Maid
  47. Well Done and Ill Paid
  48. Faithful and Unfaithful
  49. Per, Pål, and Espen Askeladd
  50. The Quern that Stands Milling on the Bottom of the Sea
  51. The Maiden on the Glass Mountain
  52. Buttertub
  53. Big Per and Little Per
  54. Tatterhood
  55. The Bush Bride
  56. The Molly of Dovre
  57. Farmer Weatherbeard
  58. The Blue Ribbon

Volume 2 (1871 edition)

  1. The Ram and the Pig Who Should Go to the Forest and Live by Themselves
  2. Friends in Life and Death
  3. The Boy Who Should Serve for Three Years Without Pay
  4. The Woman Against the Current
  5. The Seventh Father of the House
  6. Three Lemons
  7. The Sweetheart in the Forest
  8. Neither Driving Nor Riding
  9. The Skipper and Old Erik
  10. The Boy Who Changed Himself into a Lion, a Falcon, and an Ant
  11. The Tobacco Boy
  12. The Golden Castle that Hung in the Air
  13. The Hare Who Had Married
  14. The Bear and the Fox
    • Let Go the Spruce Root and Take the Fox’s Leg
    • They Wager on Bacon and a Bumblebee Hive
    • They Should Own a Field in Common
    • Mikkel Wants to Taste Horse Meat
  15. Goodman Bear
  16. Redfox and Askeladden
  17. The Boy Who Would Propose to the Daughter of Mother in the Corner
  18. Stupid Husbands and Trolls for Wives
  19. Askeladden and the Good Helpers
  20. The Boy Who Would Be A Merchant
  21. Hairblow Who Home Will Never Go
  22. The Charcoal Burner
  23. The Golden Bird
  24. The Green Knight
  25. Tyri-Hans Who Made the King’s Daughter Laugh
  26. The Parson and the Sexton
  27. Wrong-Mattis
  28. The Sexton in Our Village
  29. The Young Boys Who Met the Trolls in Hedal Forest
  30. White Bear King Valemon
  31. The Box with Something Strange In
  32. The Town Mouse and the Fell Mouse
  33. Good day, man! — Axe Shaft
  34. The Cock and the Fox
  35. The World’s Pay Is No Different
  36. Mumble Goose-egg
  37. Veslefrikk with His Fiddle
  38. Herding the King’s Hares
  39. The Merchant’s Boy with the Load of Gamalost
  40. The Companion
  41. Peik
  42. The Molly Who Was a Terror at Eating
  43. The Cockerel Who Fell into the Brewing Vat
  44. The Pancake
  45. The Boy with the Beer Keg


  1. The Honest Penny
  2. Father Himself Sitting in the Cabin
  3. The Devil and the Bailiff
  4. The Stabbur Key in the Spinning Wheel Distaff
  5. “Shoo, puss! Will you get off the table!”
  6. Seven Year-old Porridge
  7. The Gentleman’s Bride
  8. The Three King’s Daughters in the Mountain Blue
  9. The Story of a Parson
  10. The Fisher’s Sons
  11. The Pig and His Way of Life
  12. Gullfebla
  13. The Virgin Mary and the Swallow
  14. The Parson’s Mother
  15. The Widow Fox
  16. Our Lord and St Peter Out Wandering
  17. Restored tales

  18. Parson Sausage
  19. Furry-puss
  20. Hans of Clubs

Norwegian Hulder Tales and Folk Legends
Peter Christen Asbjørnsen

Volume 1, 1845

  1. Legends from the Mill
  2. The King of Ekeberg
  3. Matthias the Shooter’s Stories
  4. Berthe Tuppenhaug’s Stories
  5. An Evening Hour in the District Governor’s Kitchen
  6. Hulder-kin
  7. A Halling with Angelica Root
  8. Lunde-kin
  9. An Old-fashioned Christmas Eve
  10. A Night in the Northern Mark
  11. An Evening by Andelven
  12. The Gravedigger’s Tales
  13. The Jutul and Johannes Blessom
  14. From the Mountain and the Pasture

Volume 2, 1848

  1. Mountain Scenes
  2. The Plank Drivers
  3. A Capercaillie Lek in Holleia
  4. A Signing Wife
  5. A Summer’s Night in Krokskogen
  6. Taters


  1. An Evening at the Neighbour’s Tenement
  2. From Sognefjord
  3. At Sea
  4. The Christmas Visit at the Parsonage
  5. A Forested Valley in the West Country

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