Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Østen and Anne-Lotta

There are several legends about this local Sámi couple. First this one:

Østen and Anne-Lotta lived periodically in Kvarnes on Sandhorn Island. One day their reindeer came down on to Ulrik’s field. He was none too pleased to have the reindeer in his field, and chased the reindeer away.

Anne-Lotta was known as a feisty woman. When she saw that Ulrik chased the reindeer away, she said to Østen: “Now he and his descendents will be hairless.”

The story goes that both Ulrik, his children, and his grandchildren had problems with their hair, and that several of them had to wear wigs.

And this one:

Østen came to Midthun farm to ask if a couple of men would help him take a large bull reindeer to the farm for slaughtering. Østen received help; Emma’s father Sivert, together with Hans, came back with him. The reindeer stood bound by the Lapp-stone, and was ready to be led to the farm.

Emma was known for making good food, and Anne-Lotta wanted to go to the farm to eat.

The men didn’t want Anne-Lotta with them; she was both ill-tempered and badly groomed. But she didn’t give up so easily. Østen begged her to remain calm, but she grew both wroth and possessed. Østen composed and manned himself. He said to his wife that she should calm herself down. Anne-Lotta was still angry, but she gave in.

When the men began on their way to the farm with the reindeer, Anne-Lotta called after them, “You’ve not come to the farm yet!”

Immediately afterwards, the bull turned difficult, and trampled Østen on the ground. Both Sivert and Hans had to take the bull by the head to get it off. Østen stood up and the journey continued, but again, the reindeer had an attack, and Østen ended up on the ground beneath the reindeer. He was helped up and managed to stand. But now he had had enough, and he understood what had happened. “She’ll hear about this. She’ll hear about this when I get home,” he cried. The reindeer was thenceforth calm, and the men came to the farm with no further trouble, where the reindeer was slaughtered.

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