Friday, 31 March 2017

The Hunted Hulder

Collected from the Eastern Mark, Oslo.
Collector and informant unknown.

There were two woodcutters lying out by a bonfire one night in Langås. Around midnight they heard two big dogs, hunting in Asurdalen, away by the two wolf pits. The handler went up by way of Teien and came up north on Langås.

They thought this sounded very strange and ominous, and wondered what manner of dogs they might be that disturbed them in the dark of the night. They threw more wood on the fire, and lay there, listening to the strange, gruff growling of the dogs, coming closer and closer.

Then there came a barefoot girl with loose hair, running for her life straight past their fire, and she disappeared southwards, down towards the moor that lies south of the hill. She wore a white chemise and a short green skirt. Before they could sigh to themselves, there came two big black dogs following her trail, and the handler went south torwards Kloppa, then up towards Oksrudveien and towards Delet. And then there sounded a shot, and everything went quiet.

They busied themselves building up the fire again, and wondered what manner of hunt this was; but then some twigs cracked in the woods, and a short while afterwards came a big fellow with a thick black beard, walking past; they saw him in the light from the fire. He had the two black dogs in a harness, and carried a large blunderbuss over his shoulder. And on his back, like any other shot hare, her legs bound and stuffed into the barrel of the gun, hung the girl. The fellows said nothing, and he said nothing; and gone was he, as he went northwards, into the darkness of the night. But they understood that the girl was a hulder.


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