Thursday, 16 June 2016

Little Thumb

Without further ado, here is one of my favourites:

Little Thumb

Little ThumbOnce upon a time, there was a woman who had an only son, and he was no longer than a thumb, and thus they called him Little Thumb. When he had come of age, his mother said to him that he should go a-courting, for she thought it was time that he thought of getting married. When Little Thumb heard this, he was happy.

They made ready the driving things, and set off; and his mother sat him on her lap. Then they should travel to a king’s farm, where there was such a great princess. But when they had travelled a way, Little Thumb disappeared. She searched for a long time, and called for him, and wept because he had gone and she could not find him again.

“Peep, peep!” said Little Thumb; he had hidden himself in the mane of the horse. Then he came forth, and he had to promise not to do it any more.

When they had travelled a way further, Little Thumb disappeared again. His mother searched for him, and called and wept, but he was gone.

“Peep, peep; here I am, then!” said Little Thumb, and came forth from the ear of the horse. Then he had to promise that he would not hide himself any more.

But when they had driven a way further, then he disappeared again; he could not help himself. His mother searched and wept and called for him, but he had gone, and gone he remained; and no matter how she searched, she could not find him by any means.

“Peep, peep; here I am, then!” said Little Thumb; but she could in no manner understand where he was, for he sounded so indistinct. She searched, and he said, “Peep; here I am,” and laughed and gloated, for she could not find him again. But all at once, the horse sneezed, and it sneezed out Little Thumb, for he had set himself in one of its nostrils.

His mother now took him, and put him in a pouch; she knew not what else to do, for she understood that he could not go against his nature.

When they came to the farm, there was soon an engagement, for the princess thought him a beautiful little boy; and it was not long before there was a wedding, either.

When they went to the wedding feast at the farm, Little Thumb sat next to the princess, but he was worse than unfortunate; for when they were to eat, he could not reach up; and he would not have been able to take even a bite, had not the princess taken and helped him up onto the table. Now things went well and good, so long as he could eat from the platter. But then there came in a large bowl of porridge, and he could not reach up to that. But Little Thumb knew what to do: he sat on the edge. But then there was a island of butter floating in the middle of the bowl. He could not reach it; and so he had to sit on the edge of the island of butter. Then just like that, the princess came with her big spoon, and would dip a spoonful of porridge in the butter; and she came too close to Little Thumb, so that he tipped over, and drowned in the island of butter.

Little Thumb

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