Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Jutul and Johannes Blessom

Gaining a certain verisimilitude from the connection to a specific geographical location, and to named individuals, this text may correctly be classified as a legend. It tells a story of one of the last interactions between a man and the jutul who lives behind the Jutul Gate, an outcrop of rock that may still be seen in Vågå, in the county of Oppland (see image).

"Jutul" is given as a common noun. It is related to the Old Norse "jǫtunn", which denotes a race of giants in opposition to man and god. Luckily for the inhabitants of Vågå, this jutul is rather placid—helpful, even.

Blessom is a collection of farmsteads in the area of Vågå. The farm Nordigard Blessom, for example, keeps sheep, and runs a hotel in the historical farmstead buildings. It is still owned by the Blessom family.

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